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Sauna is a heat therapy where dry heat is produced using a heater or a wood burning stove to slowly increase theSaunatemperature of a room. Usually this temperature is taken up to 70 degrees Celsius. People either sit or lie in a Sauna to take in as much heat as possible. A few minutes in a Sauna increase the internal temperature of the body which makes a better blood flow. It also opens all the pores in the body. Normally, after a few minutes in a Sauna, the bather goes out and jumps in cold water or takes a shower, and then returns to sauna to take in more heat. Saunas have very little humidity and so much higher temperatures can be used. In a room with sauna, wooden furniture is used so as to not lose heat generates by the heater.As described earlier, both the Steam Room and Sauna are heat therapies that seem to have the same benefits for human beings. The major difference between the two is that Sauna uses dry heat while in a Steam Room, the heat generated is moist. People have their own preferences and those who cannot bear high heat of a Sauna tend to go for Steam Rooms. The temperatures at which both heat therapies are used are also different. Whereas in a Sauna, the temperatures are high up to 70-80 degrees Celsius, Steam Rooms employ a temperature of Forty degrees.Both being heat therapies, Steam Room and Sauna are equally popular all over the world. It is only personal likes and dislikes of people that make them go for a particular system of taking heat.

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